Light Steel Frame Homes

Light steel frame construction systems provide reliability, rapidity, functionality, and value for money…

Light gauge Steel frame construction technology offers risk-free and effective solutions meeting the demands of private homeowners, investors, constructors, public and private institutions.

Steel guarantees reliability and rapidity.

Futureway Homes light steel frame construction systems provide the flexibility to build better buildings with engineered precision.
Steel is resistant.Steel represents incomparable resistance not only to an earthquake, but also moisture, fire, corrosion, storm, termites, and similar pests. With a highly effective galvanization process, light gauge steel profiles resist even the most humid regions for many decades. Steel is durable.

Steel displays the strongest resistance to an earthquake. The strength of steel is unquestionable, 21 times more flexible than timber and 10 times more than reinforced concrete (concrete + steel reinforcing). Ideal in poor ground areas, lightweight with a low ratio of specific weight to carried load.

Light steel frame modular houses

Steel is practical.

Light gauge steel frame construction is a rapid construction system. The main carrier system is established in residential type constructions within one week regardless of weather conditions. Turnkey construction can be as short as 2 months.A specific “construction season” does not exist. Reinforced concrete is not required, except for the base. Buildings are factory pre-produced for rapid delivery meaning short lead times, minimum time on site, rapid and practical assembly without highly skilled labour or specialist equipment.

Steel is reliable.
Light gauge steel frame construction system is reliable.

  • The construction period is short and does not depend on season and climate.
  • Cost of delivery is lower due to less and controllable deliveries.
  • Unnecessary cost of labor and site equipment supply is eliminated.
  • Early delivery of the building provides sales and rent revenue advantage.
  • Value of the building is high due to minimal maintenance need, unlimited solutions for restoration and modifications and low cost and simplicity of overall repairs and modifications.

Steel is economical.

Light gauge steel frame construction systems are more economical in comparison with conventional construction systems.

  • No concrete beams or columns are needed within light steel constructions saving space within the building.
  • Cost of the slab base decreases due to less overall building weight in steel constructions.
  • Load bearing structure is long-lasting providing a reliable life for generations.
  • Resistant to natural disasters such as earthquake, storm and flood means rapid and low cost repairs to damages caused by natural disasters.
  • Low rate of material waste.
  • Insulation and energy usage of complete projects are designed in compliance with regional and seasonal data; therefore, initial expenditures made for the building amortize itself.