The Next Generation of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Invented some 30 years ago as one of the first “modern methods of construction” to challenge traditional building techniques, This system is so much more than a standard, wood-based SIP – 
it is an independently accredited, innovative, structural building system that uses superior, non-wood components, and combines the strength of steel frame structures with the versatility and speed of panelised construction.

The Structural Envelope Building System can be broken down into five main stages

Assembly innovation

Our vision is to work with local authorities, housing associations and private developers to provide a practical, high-quality contribution towards fixing the supply side of the housing market crisis, by increasing the availability of affordable, cost-effective homes to buy and rent.
While other “fast” building systems are available on the market, only Panablok offers the in-built advantages of insulation, structural strength, water and fire resistance, and unlimited design flexibility all within a single product.

Innovative structural technology

The Structural Envelope Building System can be broken down into five main stages:

  • Insulated Structural Ground Floor

  • Ground Floor External, Internal & Party Walls

  • Structural First, Second, Third Floors and further levels

  • External, Internal and Party Walls for each Intermediate Floor

  • Structural Ceiling* and Structural Roof* *Provides an additional 
 potential room in the roof space

A smart and sustainable way to invest in developments

Betterway Construction work with a sustainable, energy efficient, building envelopes with significantly lower long-term maintenance requirements. Dramatically improving the value of the builds.

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Benefits of offsite fastrack build systems

  • Acoustic separation is minimised due to the density of the floors and walls

  • Increases passive ratings and lowers the overall carbon footprint a building

  • Reduced site co-ordination as many follow-on wet trades are eliminated

  • Reduced preliminary costs due to reduced programme times

  • Inherent thermal mass

  • Reduced heating and maintenance costs

  • Excellent fire protection

  • Improved health and safety

  • Preinstalled windows and doors

  • Prefinished internal walls ready for direct decoration

  • Option of precast prefinished balcony units

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